OpenFlights is a tool that lets you map your flights around the world, search and filter them in all sorts of interesting ways, calculate statistics automatically, and share your flights and trips with friends and the entire world (if you wish). It's also the name of the open-source project to build the tool. Read more about it in the FAQ.

Having completed its Alpha, Beta and Gamma test phases, OpenFlights is now in its Delta phase: all core functionality is implemented, but development on new features continues. If you'd like to be informed about major updates to the site, subscribe to our blog or follow us on your favorite social networking/microblogging site:


Bug reports and feature requests should be filed on GitHub.

To get in touch with the team behind OpenFlights, send mail to info at openflights dot org or info at contentshare dot sg.

OpenFlights is brought to you by Jani Patokallio and Contentshare.

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OpenFlights is brought to you by Contentshare.

Open-source packages used to create this software include OpenLayers, Prototype, script.aculo.us, WiseGuysOnly Autocompletion, Sortable Table, Simple Calendar Widget, Movable Type Scripts (Great Circle), MD5 and PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser.

Special thanks to the OpenFlights beta testing team of FlyerTalk users FCYTravis, marc, sbm12 and trsqr.